The Biblical Meaning of Crocodile in Dreams

The biblical meaning of crocodile in dreams is unhealthy behaviors, deception, fears, spiritual attacks, and avoiding obstacles or danger ahead. Also, escaping or killing a crocodile means victory in your life challenges.

In dreams, crocodiles often convey a symbolic message. Symbolic dreams usually have a hidden meaning that relates to your life. God often speaks in parables and riddles to encourage believers to seek him for the interpretation. Fortunately, God has given you “the secrets of the kingdom of heaven” to help you understand his messages. (Matthew 13:11)

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9 Common Meanings of Crocodiles in a Dream

  1. Dreaming of a crocodile in a house or in your bed indicates someone in your close circle or surrounding community. This dream signals that you’re growing comfortable with someone that you don’t trust.
  2. Being watched, chased, or attacked by a crocodile indicates a need to evaluate the people around you for unhealthy and sneaky traits.
  3. Running from a crocodile in a dream means you are actively trying to escape a problem in your life.
  4. Crocodiles attacking your family might symbolize generational problems or a fear of a spiritual attack against your household.
  5. Dreaming of crocodiles attacking each other signifies a disruption in the plans of the enemy. This confusion type of confusion is seen in the biblical story of Gideon, where the enemies turned on each other, resulting in Gideon’s victory.
  6. Dreaming of crocodiles in water indicates an issue, challenge, or person is stopping your flow in a certain situation.
  7. Awareness and Obstacles: Dreaming of a crocodile warns of hidden dangers hindering progress. Example: As you walk along, you spot a hidden crocodile in murky waters in your dream. You have to cautiously navigate around it, realizing it represents unseen hurdles in your path, urging you to be careful and wise.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Crocodile dreams may prompt resolving conflicts or distancing from toxicity. Example: While near a river, a large crocodile emerges, blocking your way forward. This dream is a reminder to address conflict within or externally.
  9. Confronting Fears: Crocodiles symbolize internal fears, urging confrontation. Example: You’re in a jungle and find a scary swamp with a hidden crocodile, making you scared. This dream might show how you feel lost or worried about finding your way in life, or wanting to feel safe and calm.
  10. Empowerment: Overcoming a crocodile signifies resilience and inner strength. Example: Confronting a scary crocodile in a dream, you feel empowered as you skillfully evade or defeat it. This victory symbolizes your inner strength and resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles.
  11. Obstructed Progress: Crocodiles in underwater represent hidden issues causing you problems in life. Example: While exploring, you encounter crocodiles beneath the water’s surface, impeding your journey. Understanding them as hidden challenges, you’re encouraged to address these obstacles blocking your progress.

What is the biblical meaning of crocodile in dreams?

The word crocodile is not mentioned in the Bible. Some theorists believe that a ‘dragon‘ and ‘leviathan‘ in the Bible refers to crocodiles and alligators.

Essentially, animals like crocodiles in the Bible represent threats and unhealthy emotions. To understand your dream, start by exploring your emotions and situations in your life. Seek to find emotions or situations that are draining your strength.

1. Crocodiles Represent Spiritual Attacks

Crocodiles are vicious predators. They operate in darkness (nocturnal) and hunt in territories. Similar to Satan, they attack the weak, wounded, isolated, unprepared, and those walking in darkness. Overall, Christians are targeted if they continue in sin, insecurities, and rebellion.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings." (1 Peter 5:7-9)

How do spiritual crocodiles attack?

  • Territorial attacks can come from random individuals or groups that are possessive and controlling. The enemies’ plan is to use these individuals to stop you from shifting the atmosphere from darkness to light. And to stop you from growing in confidence, spiritual maturity, and success.
  • Did you know that Satan is very afraid of Christians? Sometimes his biggest plan is to stop people from realizing they’re saved, being purified, and posses power and authority through Christ. Without belief in God’s power, believers won’t soar in spiritual maturity.
  • Running from a crocodile in a dream means you are actively trying to escape a problem in your life. It’s time to stop avoiding the issue and start taking steps to overcome the problems in your life.
  • Dreaming of a crocodile might signal someone that you don’t trust in your life. Sometimes, you have to listen to what you’re discerning. Seek wise counsel about your feelings to make sure you’re acting in wisdom.
  • Engaging in sin (darkness) often leaves believers defenseless to attacks.
How do you stop spiritual attacks?

Your dream shouldn’t cause you to fear. God is speaking to you in dreams, so you can overcome the the enemy’s plan. Remember, you carry the light of God that can defeat Satans’ territorial control over earth.

Dreaming of a crocodile should encourage you to get spiritually prepared. To protect yourself simply pray and stand firm on biblical promises. Other protective actions include healing emotional wounds, walking in purity, and being a part of a Christ-centered community is effective to escape attacks.

“I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Luke 10:19) 

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2. Crocodiles Represent Human Characteristics

Being watched, chased, or attacked by a crocodile indicates a need to evaluate the people around you for unhealthy and sneaky traits. The crocodile in your life might represent hidden enemies seeking to stop you from shining brightly. Our human enemies can prey on us like crocodiles.

In Psalm 56:6, David is fearful of King Saul harming him. He states: “They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life.” In this situation, his enemies were sneaky and approached him as a crocodile-like predator.

Therefore, dreams with crocodiles are a reminder to solve relational conflicts with people around you. Or create distance with those whom refuse to repent.

Remember, believers shouldn’t wage war as the world does. (2 Corinthians 10:3) Pray for the enemies in your life and seek wise counsel to overcome your enemies‘ evil with good. Overall, Christians should fight with forgiveness, love, mercy, patience, honor, and kindness.

Also, don’t forget that people aren’t the true enemy. Satan uses people that are in pain and darkness to hurt others.

Remember, the "struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

Characteristics of Human Enemies

  • The human enemies can be overly prideful, possessive, jealous, controlling, liars, manipulators, sneaky, and deceivers in your life.
  • Is there someone in your life that tries to put you down? Do the people in your life try to harm your success? They may discourage you and take every opportunity to fill your mind with doubt.
  • Crocodiles can represent fake friends and relationships. Do the people in your life mostly take from you? If the answer is yes, consider how they’re benefiting from you.

Essentially, a crocodile can show the behaviors of someone in your life. In Ezekiel 29:4, the Egyptian Pharaoh was described as a large crocodile. The Pharaoh was prideful and rebellious. Then, God symbolically destroyed Pharaoh with a fishing hook in his jaw. In your dreams, crocodiles show a need for repentance and obedience.

Interpreting Enemies’ In Dreams

  • A dream of a crocodile chasing me represents people that are trying to overpower you. They may carry controlling, arrogant, and ungodly behaviors.
  • To dream of a crocodile in a house or in your bed indicates someone in your close circle or surrounding community. This dream signals that you’re growing comfortable with someone that you have experienced issues with. Consider, who is the threat? This person may be hindering your spiritual growth, happiness, success, and peace of mind.
  • Dreaming of a crocodile attacking someone means a problem is currently stressing you out. The dream was revealed to inspire you to pray and/or remove yourself from a situation that seeks to harm you.

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3. Crocodiles Represent Unhealthy Emotions

Your enemy might not be someone in your circle or community. Your enemy could be your own mindset and behaviors. Unfortunately, your own unhealthy emotions can harm you. Unhealthy emotions include pride, jealousy, control, manipulation, lust, fear, etc. (1 Peter 5:8; John 1:5; Psalm 56:5-6)

  • A dream of a crocodile chasing you can represent your own emotions causing you harm. This type of dream is revealing fear and unhealed pain. You can eliminate negative emotions by healing any area that brings you pain.
  • Your dream might represent your own feelings and fears. Evaluate what scares you and if that fear is presenting problems in your life.
  • Dreaming of a crocodile attacking someone else can represent you harming others. Evaluate your thoughts and behaviors towards others. Do you feel like you’re aggressive or hostile? Seek to address this fear and improve unwanted behaviors if needed.
  • To dream of a crocodile in a house indicates your own unhealthy emotions that you have grown comfortable with. Sadly, negative feelings are causing problems in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the biblical meaning of killing a crocodile in a dream?

The biblical meaning of killing a crocodile in a dream is victory. You have authority to crush every dark power that comes against your life. In conclusion, every time you defeat, kill, or escape a crocodile in dreams you are successfully overcoming obstacles. Congratulations.

 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Luke 10:19) 

2. What does it mean to dream of a crocodile in water?

Dreaming of crocodiles in water indicates an issue, challenge, or person is stopping your flow in a certain situation. Evaluate the areas you’re succeeding in and see if there are challenges you need to overcome.

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48 thoughts on “The Biblical Meaning of Crocodile in Dreams

  1. Thank you for posting this. I know The Lord has been speaking to me in dreams because I have had them come to pass. In this last dream, there was a crocodile and these crocs were slithering into the ocean. In contrast, others walked on two legs into the sea and they were viciously attacking the animals in the water and these animals were jumping out of the water and onto a deck. I have long, detailed dreams, and this is just a tidbit. lol There was a former pastor in my dream too that hurt me as a mentor spiritually. I am hoping that I can make something out of all this.

    1. Hello Melania,

      Thanks for sharing this powerful dream. Fish in the water tend to represent Christians. It seems that you are in full view of a situation where something is happening that is not normal. Crocs that enter the saltwater tend to be the most vicious. I immediately think of this verse: “Matthew 5:13″ “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.”

      Overall, it sounds like an attack on believers ability to be different and stand out. I’d have to hear more to give more suggestions. However, based on the pastor’s abuse and other situations… It sounds like someone in authority is not shepherding properly and it can cause harm to each believer’s ability to stay righteous, pure, and filled with confidence.

      Hope this helped. Xoxo

      1. Hi Christina, I had a dreamI my family was in a pit surrounded by water a large Crocodile was swimming towards me but I got out of the pit (somehow) then the crocodile turned went and bit my cousin sister.

        Please tell what does this mean

  2. Thanks for this platform.
    I recently dreamed of a huge crocodile under my bed. After the dream I am witnessing a lot of hypocrisy from close people!

    1. Emmy,

      Thanks so much for visiting 🙂 Yes, your dream sounds about right. Continue to ask God to expose their behaviors, so they have a chance to repent. Until then, we as wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove.


    2. Good morning,

      I dreamed about 5 or 6 huge crocodiles(sitting on rocks/in water) and I got a stick beating the mouth. The mouth was so smashed/closed in looking sideways you couldn’t tell if top or bottom of the mouth fell off.

        1. I had a dream about a crocodile in my house. My sister and my daughter were going close to it and with each close encounter, it tried to harm them. I screamed and asked them to leave the croc!

  3. Hello Christina. I had a dream of a small crocodile resting on my head and I was asking some to remove the crocodile from my head.

    1. Hello Carl,

      Thanks for taking the time to write and sharing your dream! There seems to be a small issue in your life that is trying to get intimate with you… And potentially influence your thoughts and decisions. The dream shows that you recognize something that isn’t right in your life. It’s time to start taking action steps and praying for wisdom to avoid this influence.


    2. Hi Cristina,

      I had a dream i was walking my small dog in the woods and a crocodile tries to attack him. I run to his rescue and wrestle with by holding it’s jaw. I notice later i have 2 bites on both my hands, right forefinger and left palm. Woken up feeling uneasy.

  4. Hello Christina. I have been having dreams, where I am in places I have never been before and I have been having these dreams for quite some time now. I hope they have any biblical meaning.

      1. Hello Christina!

        I am very well thanks. I meet people that I have never seen before. With tall trees.

        1. Hello Carl, I’m not sure about the meaning of your dream. There isn’t enough details for me to understand. What were you emotions? Who were the people?

      2. I just had a dream where I was in a building that was being renovated. Kinda a school and we were three of us collecting something from the mud in the corridors. There was small crocodiles in the mud that tried to attack but i pushed them away. At some point I went ahead of the others and from a distance of about 50 meters I saw large crocodiles, maybe 4or 5 of them. They started to sneer at me so I turned back to warn the others. I was not afraid in the dream at all. The only thing that bothered me was that I got mud on my cardigan sleeves but then I washed the mud off.

    1. Hi Christina! Thank you so much for sharing this interpretation. I wanted to share a dream I had last night in hopes that you may help me understand it further. In my dream, I was stuck in this giant pit with what looked like green grass and several bodies of murky waters and there were TONS of crocodiles everywhere! I couldn’t see all of them as some were hidden in the water, but I knew that they were there: white, yellow, and green ones. However, they were calm and relaxed, not chasing me or attacking or anything like that. Most of them were just laying there. Yet, I was the one afraid and panicking about getting out of this pit. I attempted to call a friend of mine (and we just started developing this friendship/relationship a couple of months ago) but I was so fearful that I had dropped my phone in the water and it started glitching and I couldn’t get through to him. But I could see my friend in this “safe pod” across the pit. I watched him exit the pod and the pit and I ran as fast as I could, stepping on some crocodiles on the way, to get to this safety pod. I finally made it into the pod, and that’s all I remember. What I find odd is that I was the one afraid but the crocodiles didn’t seem to mind me in the pit with them. Can help you me understand this further? Does this have to do with my new friendship?

      1. Hello Graciela,

        Thanks for sharing your dream! White means purity, yellow means joy, and green means safety. It sounds like the crocodiles job was to make you feel fearful, insecure, unsafe, and dirty. Is there a situation in your life that is making you feel these emotions? It may be something that isn’t a direct attack, but how it’s step up is causing you negative emotions.

        Either way, God allowed a way out for you. He showed you the way to safety and you’re so brave and obedient, because you followed it 🙂


        1. Thank you so much for your clarification and response! I think that is spot on. This specific friendship that’s developed has had me questioning whether or not he was sent from God (as I try to discern what God wants from me in these types of situations). I think it’s become very clear that this particular person disrupts my peace more than anything. Thank you again!

  5. Hi
    I dreamt of 4 crocodiles and the one crocodile attacking the other crocodile and I said yes good for him because he dont want to listen. Can you help me how do I fit in here, I think some of it is to do with my emotions…

    1. Hello Alton,

      It sounds like God has allowed confusion in the enemies’ camp. And blocked the enemy from being successful at attacking you. This happened in the story of Gideon. Gideon won against the Midianites because they attacked each other before the actual battle! Therefore, continue to pray for God’s protection as he is with you.


  6. I had a dream I was with a friend that passed away last year and his family we were sitting over a water on this net. And down below their were pink and yellow crocodiles but people were getting in the water and they weren’t attacked I just remember being scared and not wanting to get in.

    1. Hello Tyana,

      Yellow represents joy, faith, and the glory of God. While pink means right relationship with God.

      Sounds like the passing of your friend has opened the door for a spiritual attack. The crocodile might be yellow and pink to symbolize what they’re trying to attack. You may have been more careful to not let his passing take you to a negative space. However, they seem to be in a vulnerable place where the enemy is looking to strike.

      I just prayed that the peace of God would comfort them and his wisdom would direct them in their time of mourning.


  7. Hi Christina,
    I had a very short dream about a crocodile walking around a house. I think this has to do with my emotions, lately I have been feeling anxious in a new position & job I have recently started. Feelings of self doubt have been creeping in. I am just constantly nervous and uneasy, how do I deal with these emotions?

  8. Hello,
    I Dreamt of crocodiles in a small temple tank like pond. I noticed one crocodile and warned all of my family members and we came to safely area. We realized there was not 1 but almost 12 crocodiles in that and had never come across it in all these years of using that temple tank. Also 1 among these many crocodiles was chained which was broken

    1. Hello! the crocodiles seem to mean issues that have come against your family. There may be more situations happening now that are linked to generation problems. OR habits and behaviors passed down from parents, etc. It’s time to break them! Xoxo

  9. Thank you Christina for taking time to help people understand their dreams in the way God has intended to.
    I recently had a dream of crocodiles or alligator. It first started with me walking down a street then noticing these to teen girls in a pond full of crocodiles. I helped them out, and my middle son was there helping. Then the dream took me to me in my bed sleeping and being woken up by the same son and notice the crocodiles in my bed. I got up and with am object I stared pushing them away, their were multiple ones on the floor in my room and hallway. I pushed them off one by one down the stairs, as my son was watching me. At one point , one of the ones I pushed down, rushed immediately back up and try to attack me. Then I woke up. Can you help? I feel like my son has a big part in this dream.

    1. Hello Lupe! Thanks for sharing! Does your ability to help people sometimes bring problems in your life? Perhaps, you help others and bring them into your intimate spaces? And their issues come in with them as well? If yes, this might be a time to learn boundaries when helping others. As your son might be learning the habit to help without any respect or priority for his own personal space + feelings. Xoxo

  10. Hi Christina, thank you for posting this Biblical interpretation of crocodiles in dreams. This makes a lot of sense and connecting with what the Spirit of God spoke to me about the dream I had a few weeks ago. In my dream, I was sitting in what looks like a church setting and I was holding my daughter close to my chest. I was sitting in the very back row, as I was sitting there, I looked up and the people standing at the pulpit had on long black catholic robes with a white pastor collar. There were two of them, but their heads were heads of crocodile while the body looked like a human body underneath the robe. I didn’t feel safe being there, but the feeling I had was that I had to be there. As I was looking at them, they immediately made eye contact with me, and then they walked towards where I was sitting. When they stood over me, I didn’t look at them nor talk to them, I bowed my head to shield my daughter and myself from them and held her tight. They were leaning down towards me trying to get my attention back to them, but I refused to look. When I awoke from the dream, I prayed and asked God to reveal to me who these people are, and He did. This is a couple, whom I am related to the woman, they are the leading pastors of a church that I’ve refused to attend because of the lies they live and preach. I haven’t spoken nor seen them in a year. I once trusted them with sharing information about my personal life, but they took that and used it against me to hurt me. They slander and gossip behind people’s backs, and gamble the church’s money. I’ve stopped talking to them after they hurt me, but I forgave them and because they’re my family, I still have to see them at family gatherings. The dream was to warn me about them coming back into my life to do the same thing. To pretend like they care about what’s been going on in my life and what God has been doing in my life but it’s only to gossip about me to others. A few days after my dream I found out from another relative about their trip to visit the state where I live and they want to see me and my daughter. They visited us and now have returned to the state where they reside. Upon their visit, they asked questions about how I’ve been and because I’ve been warned in the dream, I only said “I’ve been good” and stopped there. I know they heard from another relative about my new car and home that God blessed me with and they were hoping I would share the story with them, but I didn’t. I withheld all personal information about my life and I just showed up at the gathering to “say hi.” I am so thankful to God for showing me dreams of warning and signs. God is such a good Father to take care of His children. Praise God!

  11. Hi Christina,

    I had a dream last night where I was in Florida and I was with my dad and a little boy (who I think was my little brother). We were all standing in what looked like a field then I realized we were actually on water like the Everglades and we weren’t sinking but rather able to walk around. The little boy was happy running around and playing. I then realized that there were crocodiles all over the place and then we’re harming us but when I had the realization I had a feeling of fear of them that they might hurt us. But then my dad opened the mouth of one of the crocodiles and he wasn’t afraid and the crocodile didn’t hurt him. It was like he was more powerful than the crocodile. Then my thought was to take a picture of that as I was so wowed by what he was able to do. The dream ended there as I woke up.
    Are you able to help me understand it further please?
    God bless!

    1. Hello Paula,

      I think the dream is exactly what you’re said! Your father in heaven has authority OVER all problems and obstacles in your life. Also, it sounds like you please God 🙂 Here is a verse to chew on: “When a man’s ways please the Lord, he makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7


      1. Hi Christina,
        I saw a vision(like a snapshot)of a crocodile in a leap stance with its mouth wide open but at the top edge of its mouth was a tree.

  12. Hi Christina, a friend had a dream about me , trying cross over a floor at church where there was crocodiles and water..she kept shouting to be careful as I was jumping over and inbetween crocodiles trying to bite..she says I was determined get through a doorway to reach a box I had to collect

    1. Hello! It sounds like there is some issues at church that you are determined to conquer OR that you refuse let you stop you. You may be so skilled at navigating tricky situations that you’re not noticing that enemies’ around you. Praying peace and continued bravery over you. Xoxo

      1. I had a dream last night about swimming in the ocean with crocodiles and alligators. I wasn’t afraid and they didn’t seem to want to harm me, but I was still cautious. I woke up confused about it. They were also following me around anywhere I go.

  13. Had an experience this morning and I was looking for the meaning when I came across this. Around 6am, it seemed like the largest crocodile came through my window, climbed over my legs on my bed and came down from the bed to the floor. I felt the bed shake and so I was still for it to get off the bed. Once I knew it was on the floor, I turned to look at it. I then saw that it transformed to a man in a suit. The person was on his hands and knees looking for how to get out. I saw the man’s face and then I woke up. Any idea what this means?

  14. Hello Christiana
    Thank you for allowing God to guide you when interpreting dreams without the Holyspirit it would be possible.
    I dreamt had a baby en someone was playing with her over sudden fell in the water on top there was sort of a bridge wooden under it saw a huge green yellowish crocodile which I realized eat my child when she passed but the aldut wasn’t eaten…so people told me your child has been eaten those who were in water. I cried there after woke up .
    Will be grateful for the interpretation.

  15. Hello Christiana
    Thank you for allowing God to guide you when interpreting dreams without the Holyspirit it wouldn’t be possible.
    I dreamt had a baby en someone was playing with her over sudden fell in the water on top there was sort of a bridge wooden under it saw a huge green yellowish crocodile which I realized eat my child when she passed but the aldut wasn’t eaten…so people told me your child has been eaten those who were in water. I cried there after woke up .
    Will be grateful for the interpretation.

  16. Shalom Christiana, I just had a dream where, my parents went out to the airport to take somebody to the airport but parked his white car elsewhere. They drove another vehicle to the airport though. This location looked lonely. As if no one would have gone there. I took the car without my father’s permission it seemed. While I was driving I remembered I picked Alligator / crocodile I’m not sure and it actually spoke to me. It actually said something like he/she knew my parents and he/ she traveled with my parents at times not sure. I gained its trust and gave it a drive to my old house where I was living before. I think I let it out of the car. It crawled in the house and I also went in the house. I noticed it had a small pot of flowers on the top of its back ( I think this is what it wanted to deliver to my parents). While I was inside the house I was standing at the bathroom passage peeping through the curtain and I realized this thing went in my brother’s room (my brother does not live at house anymore) and it made its way to the living room. It even opens the grill ( and also talking) by itself to let it self out of the house. I watered the flower pot on its back and then I realized the dirt in the pot was running out. Then I said to myself, I’m being deceived and I also said at least dirt is running out of the flower pot and it will dry up soon. This happened while it was on the verandah and outside. I don’t remember if it got back in the car but i remember going back for the car because I was thinking to myself maybe they’re wondering where the car is. So I called my dad and told him that I have the car because where he parked it someone could have stolen it. I also told him that wasn’t the right thing to do. Then I just woke up out of the dream.

  17. Hi, I dream about I was in the bridge riding a bus and I saw a big crocodile in the river and people are trying to tie the crocodile in the coconut tree. The crocodile is super strong but at the end, people successfully tied the crocodile. I was taking a video of them using my cellphone. After a while I transfer my seat at the back and the crocodile started shouting near where I seated at first.

  18. Hello Christina
    My Aunt called me to tell me she dreamt of me and l had been bit by a crocodile on my hand but it didn’t rip it off. And l was in high school then but now l am in uni. She also said l was wearing different shoes, one pink and the other one the dream l was trying to go to court about the issue but it wasn,t working out

  19. Hello Christina,

    Thank you for all you do. I had a dream, we where in a restaurant setting, and a meal was brought to us with soup made with the flesh of crocodile. As soon as I took a bite, a live crocodile came into the restaurant chasing everyone, funnily no one left but as soon as it comes close to us we climb the table so that it could not reach, that was what everyone was doing so thy the crocodile couldn’t reach them. It’s really confusing I don’t know what that means, could you help please. Thank you

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