The Biblical Meaning of an Alligator In Dreams

The biblical meaning of alligator in dreams is jealousy, unhealthy behaviors, deception, fears, spiritual attacks, and avoiding obstacles or danger ahead. Also, escaping or killing an alligator means victory in your life challenges.

In dreams, alligators often convey a symbolic message. Symbolic dreams usually have a hidden meaning that relates to your life. God often speaks in parables and riddles to encourage believers to seek him for the interpretation. Fortunately, God has given you “the secrets of the kingdom of heaven” to help you understand his messages. (Matthew 13:11)

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9 Common Dream Interpretations of Alligators

  1. Dreaming of an alligator in your house or in your bed indicates someone in your close circle or surrounding community. This dream signals that you’re growing comfortable with someone that you don’t trust.
  2. Being watched, chased, or attacked by an alligator indicates a need to evaluate the people around you for unhealthy and sneaky traits.
  3. Running from an alligator in a dream means you are actively trying to escape a problem in your life.
  4. Alligators attacking your family might symbolize generational problems or a fear of a spiritual attack against your household.
  5. Dreaming of alligators attacking each other signifies a disruption in the plans of the enemy. This confusion type of confusion is seen in the biblical story of Gideon, where the enemies turned on each other, resulting in Gideon’s victory.
  6. Dreaming of alligators in water indicates an issue, challenge, or person is stopping your flow in a certain situation.
  7. Awareness and Obstacles: Dreaming of an alligator warns of hidden dangers hindering progress. Example: As you walk along, you spot a hidden alligator in murky waters in your dream. You have to cautiously navigate around it, realizing it represents unseen hurdles in your path, urging you to be careful and wise.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Alligator dreams may prompt resolving conflicts or distancing from toxicity. Example: While near a river, a large alligator emerges, blocking your way forward. This dream is a reminder to address conflict within or externally.
  9. Confronting Fears: Alligators symbolize internal fears, urging confrontation. Example: You’re in a jungle and find a scary swamp with a hidden alligator, making you scared. This dream might show how you feel lost or worried about finding your way in life, or wanting to feel safe and calm.
  10. Empowerment: Overcoming an alligator signifies resilience and inner strength. Example: Confronting a scary alligator in a dream, you feel empowered as you skillfully evade or defeat it. This victory symbolizes your inner strength and resilience in overcoming life’s obstacles.
  11. Obstructed Progress: Alligators underwater represent hidden issues causing you problems in life. Example: While exploring, you encounter alligators beneath the water’s surface, impeding your journey. Understanding them as hidden challenges, you’re encouraged to address these obstacles blocking your progress.

What does an alligator mean in a dream biblically?

The word alligator is not mentioned in the Bible. Some theorists believe that a ‘dragon‘ and ‘leviathan‘ in the Bible refers to alligators and crocodiles.

Essentially, animals like alligators in the Bible represent threats and unhealthy emotions. To understand your dream, start by exploring your emotions and situations in your life. Seek to find emotions or situations that are draining your strength.

1. Alligators Represent Spiritual Attacks

Alligators are less aggressive and faster than crocodiles. Dreaming of an alligator means there is less hostile issues surrounding you. They attack when afraid, disturbed, or protecting their eggs. Essentially, alligators are more afraid of humans, than you are of them.

How do alligators spiritually attack?

  • Did you know that Satan is very afraid of Christians? Sometimes his biggest plan is to stop people from realizing they’re saved, being purified, and posses power and authority through Christ. Without belief in God’s power, believers won’t soar in spiritual maturity.
  • Alligators might represent individuals that are insecure. Consider, is there anyone that feels threatened by you? Then, this person could potentially react negatively towards you because they’re jealous.
  • Running from an alligator in a dream means you are actively trying to escape a problem in your life. It’s time to stop avoiding the issue and start taking steps to overcome the problems in your life.
  • Dreaming of an alligator might signal someone that you don’t trust in your life. Sometimes, you have to listen to what you’re discerning. Seek wise counsel about your feelings to make sure you’re acting in wisdom.
How do you stop spiritual attacks?

Your dream shouldn’t cause you to fear. God is speaking to you in dreams, so you can overcome the the enemy’s plan. Remember, you carry the light of God that can defeat Satans’ territorial control over earth.

Dreaming of alligators should encourage you to get spiritually prepared. To protect yourself simply pray and stand firm on biblical promises. Other protective actions include healing emotional wounds, walking in purity, and being a part of a Christ-centered community is effective to escape attacks.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings." (1 Peter 5:7-9)

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2. Alligators Represent Human Characteristics

Being watched, chased, or attacked by an alligator means you should evaluate your life for problematic relationships. The alligator in your life might represent hidden enemies seeking to stop you from shining brightly. Our human enemies can prey on us like alligators.

In Psalm 56:6, David is fearful of King Saul harming him. He states: “They conspire, they lurk, they watch my steps, hoping to take my life.” In this situation, his enemies were sneaky and approached him as an alligator-like predator.

Therefore, dreams with alligators are reminders to solve relational conflicts with people around you. Or create distance with those whom refuse to repent. 

Remember, believers shouldn’t wage war as the world does. (2 Corinthians 10:3) Pray for the enemies in your life and seek wise counsel to overcome your enemies‘ evil with good. Overall, Christians should fight with forgiveness, love, mercy, patience, honor, and kindness.

Also, don’t forget that people aren’t the true enemy. Satan uses people that are in pain and darkness to hurt others.

Remember, the "struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." (Ephesians 6:12)

Characteristics of Human Enemies

  • The human enemies can be overly prideful, possessive, jealous, controlling, liars, manipulators, and deceivers in your life.
  • Is there someone in your life that tries to put you down? Do the people in your life try to harm your success? They may discourage you and take every opportunity to fill your mind with doubt.
  • Alligators can also represent fake friends or relationships. Do the people in your life mostly take from you? If the answer is yes, consider how they’re benefiting from you.

Essentially, an alligator can show the behaviors of someone in your life. In Ezekiel 29:4, the Egyptian Pharaoh was described as a large alligator. The Pharaoh was prideful and rebellious. So, God symbolically destroyed Pharaoh by using a fishing hook in his jaw. In your dreams, alligators show a need for repentance and obedience.

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Interpreting Enemies’ In Dreams

  • A dream of an alligator chasing you represents people that are trying to overpower you. They may carry controlling, arrogant, and ungodly behaviors. 
  • To dream of an alligator in a house indicates someone in your close circle or surrounding community. This dream signals that you’re growing comfortable with someone that you have experienced issues with. Consider, who is the threat? This person may be hindering your spiritual growth, happiness, success, and peace of mind.
  • Dreaming of an alligator attacking means a problem is currently stressing you out. The dream was revealed to inspire you to pray and/or remove yourself from a situation that seeks to harm you.

3. Alligators Represent Unhealthy Emotions

Your enemy might not be someone in your circle or community. Your enemy could be your own mindset and behaviors. Unfortunately, your own unhealthy emotions can harm you. Unhealthy emotions include pride, jealousy, unforgiveness, control, manipulation, lust, fear, etc.  (1 Peter 5:8; John 1:5; Psalm 56:5-6)

  • A dream of an alligator chasing you can represent your own emotions causing you harm. This type of dream is revealing fear and unhealthy emotions. To eliminate negative emotions, start exploring your feelings. And continue seeking healing in areas that are hindering your progress.
  • Dreaming of an alligator attacking someone else can represent you harming others. Or your reaction to others being harmed.
  • To dream of an alligator in a house indicates your own unhealthy emotions that you have grown comfortable with. Sadly, negative feelings are causing problems in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the biblical meaning of killing an alligator in a dream?

The biblical meaning of killing an alligator in a dream is victory. You have authority to crush every dark power that comes against your life. In conclusion, you are successfully overcoming obstacles when you defeat, kill, or escape an alligator in dreams.

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.” (Luke 10:19)

2. What does it mean to dream of an alligator in water?

Dreaming of alligators in water indicates an issue, challenge, or person is stopping your flow in a certain situation. Evaluate the areas you’re succeeding in and see if there are challenges you need to overcome.

3. What is the meaning of dreams about swamps and alligators?

In dreams about swamps and alligators it means that you’re in a place of testing and hardship. It’s important to stand firm in faith and trust God to overcome. Overall, this dream is a reminder that you’re strong enough stay faithful despite current obstacles.

“I have sunk in deep mire, and there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and a flood overflows me.” (Psalm 69:2)

“He brought me up out of the pit of destruction, out of the miry clay, And He set my feet upon a rock making my footsteps firm.” (Psalm 40:2)

4. Why am I having dreams about alligators and snakes?

Dreams about alligators and snakes indicate that there are two different types of problems plaguing your life. In dreams, alligators and snakes represent sneakiness. Perhaps, the dream is an eyeopener to see that there are situations or people that are bringing challenges to your life.

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  1. I have a couple of dream symbols that I have had in different dreams trying to figure out that I can’t find anywhere and understand.

    1. A Robot Lawyer Who Had A Paper In Court Setting In Black Ink

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    4. A Dream About Two Women involved in the NXIVM Scandal named India Oxenberg And Camilla Fernandez (Whom I’ve never met Nor Have Anything To Do With)

    5. Smoking Both A Cigar And Cigarette Simultaneously

    6. My Mother

    7. Me Having The Ability To Be Able To Travel By The Speed Of Thought

    8. Picnic Shelter At A Park

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    Not all of these were in the same dream. I’ve had several dreams and some of symbols are in different ones

    Can you please help me figure out what each of these symbols mean?


    1. Hello Spencer,

      Thanks for visiting! I’m working on making this a HUGE library of symbols. Unfortunately, I’m going to be slow at tackling your list since it’s just me. Feel free to keep checking back to see if I eventually cover some of these symbols 🙂


    2. I love the interpretation of defeating an alligator. It is a perfect confirmation from God for what’s going on in my life and it’s dated on my birthday!
      I often have dreams which I know are from God. I know some people think I may be crazy or loopy, but I know the truth! Your site is amazing! Be blessed!

  2. I wish I could speak with you one on one. I would love to learn more about my dreams. The spirit speaks to me heavy in my dreams but I want to know what it is about before it happens not while or after it happens. It’s like I see it I know it but no confirmation until it’s happening.
    After reading your articles I need to pray more I feel so grateful In finding your site. Do you do one on ones?

  3. My friend dreamed she and I were sitting at a pick nick table on the sand. The sand started to move and it was turtles coming out from the sand. We were feeding the turtles then one giant turtle turned into an alligator and was trying to bite my hand. Any input in this?

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