1-5 Day Dream Interpretations

I have been interpreting dreams in the comments of articles, but I’m finding it hard to balance my time. Now, I’m asking for a donation of 4.99$ USD rate for dream interpretations. FYI, Biblical Dream Meanings is under the umbrella of my registered NON PROFIT – Adorned Heart Corp.

I work full-time, plus manage 3 websites with most of my extra time. Each article can take 2-8 hours to do detailed biblical research + write. Your donations will help to pay down my website expenses + provide more free material + help me do online ministry full-time.

Click here to donate and receive your dream interpretation.

Interpretation Lottery

Every 5 weeks, I will pick 1-2 dreams to interpret for free. You can input your dream below for a slim chance to get a free interpretation.

Place your dream here:

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