Top 10 Christian Books on Dream Interpretation

Understanding dreams goes beyond mere interpretation; it’s a profound journey that should always lead back to God’s love. As the Bible reminds us, we all prophesy and know in part, with love being the greatest gift.

This collection of Christian books on dream interpretation delves into the mysteries of the spiritual realm while emphasizing the foundational principle that every dream, much like the biblical stories of Pharaoh, Gideon, and Nebuchadnezzar, should illuminate the essence of God’s love.

Join us on this transformative exploration, where biblical insights and over 3000+ symbols converge to unlock the meanings concealed within your dreams, always with God’s love as the shining piece.

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1. The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions

Embark on a fascinating journey into the spiritual realm with “The Divinity Code to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions.” This book, based on the Bible, isn’t just about interpreting dreams—it’s a guide to uncovering the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven.

With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, this book helps you bring God’s Kingdom to earth by understanding the meanings behind your dreams and visions. At its core, “The Divinity Code” has the most extensive Christian dream dictionary, backed by Bible verses. It also includes a dictionary of names and places, a chapter on avoiding false interpretations from the occult, and 101 interpreted dreams for credibility.

Dive into this spiritual journey, where every page brings new insights. Learn not just about your dreams but also gain valuable insights from a metaphor dictionary. “The Divinity Code” invites you to embrace supernatural communication with God, offering a chance to explore the spiritual realm. Enhance your spiritual understanding and deepen your connection with the divine through the simple yet profound wisdom found in this insightful guide.

2. Complete Guide to Dream Interpretation

Marsha Trimble Dunstan brings a breath of fresh air to dream interpretation in her straightforward and warm approach. In her book, she keeps things simple, using a biblical foundation to guide readers through an easy step-by-step process of understanding their dreams. Dunstan shares real-life examples, making the journey relatable.

One standout feature is the extensive dream symbol dictionary with over 3,800 entries, all tied to biblical references. If you’re serious about figuring out what your dreams mean, this practical and user-friendly book is a must-have by your bedside, offering tools you can use every night.

3. Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols: A Biblical Guide to Your Dreams and Visions

Explore your dreams with greater wisdom and discernment. The Illustrated Dictionary of Dream Symbols by Joe Ibojie will help you interpret the symbols, meaning and significance of your dreams. Based on experience and Biblical knowledge, this book will open a new world of communication between you and the Lord.

Joe Ibojie: Dr. Joe Ibojie trained as a medical doctor and worked with Army Medical Service, attaining the rank of Colonel. Now an ordained Pentecostal Minister of the Gospel with special grace to minister and expound the word of God, he travels internationally teaching on interpretation of dreams, visions and prophecy. Joe is the author of Dreams and Visions, The Illustrated Bible-Based Dictionary of Dream Symbols and How to Live the Supernatural Life in the Here and Now. 

4. Biblical Keys to Dream Interpretation: Learn God’s Visual Language and Unlock Divine Wisdom & Warning for a Victorious Life 

Ever wondered what your vivid dreams mean? Just as God spoke through dreams in the Bible, this book explores how dreams can be a powerful way for God to communicate with us today. Discover seven Biblical keys that unlock doors to a deeper connection with God and life-changing revelations.

Whether you remember your dreams or not, this book is a helpful guide with a dedicated chapter to common dream symbols and journaling pages for recording and praying through up to 15 dreams. If you’re ready to explore the messages in your dreams and suspect God is trying to communicate with you, click “Buy” now for a journey into understanding God’s visual language. Recommended in hardcover for durability. See you inside!

5. Unlocking Your Dreams: a Biblical study manual for dream interpretation

Embark on a journey of understanding with Autumn Mann’s “Unlocking Your Dreams” course. God is always speaking to you, and this course is designed to help you decipher His messages in the night.

Based on Biblical teachings, you’ll discover what God says about dreams, learn to discern their origin, understand the language of Heaven, and steward your dreams for personal growth. Position your life for God-encounters in the night and unlock the mysteries of your dreams with this insightful manual.

6. Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom 

“Dream Language” unveils the significance of dreams and visions as channels for divine revelation, echoing the biblical sentiment, “God communicates His secrets for your understanding” (Daniel 2:30 NLT). Grounded in extensive biblical study, this book offers insights on:

  • Receiving and understanding your dreams.
  • Interpreting and applying dream revelations.
  • Tuning your spiritual antennae.
  • Identifying Dream Snatchers and Dream Drainers.
  • Distinguishing Holy Spirit, natural, and demonic dreams.
  • Overcoming obstacles to receive God’s revelations.

Explore the world of dreams and visions for a richer spiritual journey.

7. Exploring Your Dreams and Visions: Received and understand your Dreams, Visions, and Supernatural Experiences


“Exploring the Nature and Gift of Dreams” offers a deep understanding of dream language rooted in the Word of God. Covering topics like cultivating revelation, dealing with dream challenges, and understanding God’s silence, this exploration guides you toward interpreting dreams. Drawing inspiration from Daniel’s wisdom (Daniel 5:12), it invites you to discover your unique dream language—a gift from your heavenly Father.

“Your young men shall see visions, your old men shall dream dreams” (Acts 2:17). This revelatory journal, inspired by best-selling books like “The Seer” and “Dream Language,” unlocks the secrets of interpreting dreams and visions. Authored by James Goll, it provides practical steps for understanding supernatural experiences, keeping a revelation journal, and interpreting personal revelatory language. This spiritually grounded guide helps you experience God’s voice in a whole new way.

8. The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream: Biblical Keys for Hearing God’s Voice in the Night 

“The Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Dreams You Dream” by Ira Milligan is your go-to resource for unraveling the mysteries of your nighttime experiences. Drawing on decades of personal experience and biblical insights, Milligan provides specific directions for meditation and hearing God’s voice, a comprehensive A-Z dictionary of symbol definitions, and guidance on discerning the source of your dreams.

Whether normal or unusual, this guide empowers you to interpret your destiny-revealing communications from God, supported by a handy dictionary of dream symbols.

9. The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Dreams and Visions: What do they really mean spiritually? 

Curious about the worth of your dreams? This book is your ultimate guide to understanding their meaning and coherence. Explore dream theories, psychological perceptions, myths and facts, the link between dreams and physical health, and different dream forms like lucid dreaming and future-telling dreams. Untangle the ‘Dream Riddle’ with insights gathered in the chapters to come.

10. A to Z Christian Dream Symbols Dictionary: Unlock Your Dream Meaning and Message

In these critical times, many Christians believe we are witnessing a significant moment in history as God moves towards bringing the ages to a close. Understanding God’s messages through dreams is crucial, as it has been a major way He communicates with His people.

This resource offers over 2400 symbols and their definitions to help you interpret the meanings of your dreams. Focused on God-derived interpretations primarily from the Bible, this book aids in unlocking the mysteries of your dreams and those of others. Empowered by this resource, you can confidently understand the meanings and messages concealed within your dreams, as God desires you to know His communication with you.

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